Pay For A Day

Could you pay for a day?

Help us care for over 1,500 people every year by paying for 24 hours of care at the Macmillan Unit.

Pay for a day

Pay for a Day There is now a new way to support the work of our team of professionals and volunteers – Pay for a Day.

If you have raised funds for Macmillan Caring Locally or would like to make a contribution, you can now pay the total cost of care for a day, for the various areas in the Macmillan Unit that we support.

You can choose any day of the year to do this. You may wish to choose a date that is special to you. We welcome you into the Macmillan Unit on your chosen day if you wish, to see the work you are supporting. We will present you with a certificate of thanks, and we will acknowledge your contribution on this page.


The options for your donation include:

Inpatient ward £3800

Macmillan Nurses in our community £1000

Day Centre £175

Rehabilitation Team (Physio / OT) £250

Family Support Team £250

Irene Lawrence 1924 - 2016

Irene Lawrence Irene Lawrence 1924 - 2016. "A happy life well lived & still our Birthday Girl every 25th May".

On 25th May our Rehabilitation Team have been funded in memory of Irene, pictured here on her 90th birthday. We are so grateful for this generous gift.

Avril Pickup (nee Walkham) 1960-2014

Avril Pickup Avril Pickup (nee Walkham)
"Mother, Nana and friend to many. Full of fun and laughter. 8.3.1."

On 23rd July our Family Support Team has been funded in memory of Avril, pictured here on her surprise 50th Birthday. We are so grateful for this generous gift.

Margaret Hawkes 1901-1990

Margaret Hawkes Margaret Hawkes 1901-1990. "The memory of your love and your smile is still with us especially on 27th December, your Birthday".

On 27th December our Day Centre has been funded in memory of Margaret, We are so grateful for this generous gift.

Debbie West 21/3/1963 - 30/3/2018

Debbie West Debbie West 1963 - 2018.
"Remembering Debbie with love on this birthday 21st March 2019. Wonderfully nursed and cared for by the whole nursing staff & team at Macmillan Christchurch.

On 21st March our Community Nurses have been funded in memory of Debbie. We are so grateful for this generous gift.

How to "pay for a day"

Pay for a Day To find out more about Pay for a Day please call the charity office on 01202 477628 or email