Corporate Support

Macmillan Caring Locally has no association with the national charity Macmillan Cancer Support and does not receive any funding from them.

Forming a corporate partnership with Macmillan Caring Locally is not only good for our charity; it is good for your business! By partnering with us, your brand will be seen by our current and future supporters on our website, in our newsletters, social media and at our events.

This mutually beneficial relationship will allow us to generate much needed funds and local awareness and support and it enables our partners to strengthen their brand, increase their audience and to drive customer and staff loyalty through an affiliation that makes a real difference.

The current facilities at the Macmillan unit were built in 1974 and are no longer fit for purpose, so after many years of planning we are building a new unit in the grounds of Christchurch Hospital. Referrals to our service have increased by 100% since 2010 so we need more beds, staff and improved facilities. We not only treat cancer patients, but those with other life limiting illness, such as Motor Neurone Disease.

Over the past 35 years, due to the generosity and support of our local community, we have been able to set aside £5 million to commence the project. However, we still need to raise a further £4 million to complete the build. We will then need to equip the new facilities with everything from tea spoons to High Tech beds.

How Your Company Can Support

How a partnership can benefit you

An affinity with an effective, well-respected and transparent charity
Build your company’s profile through an association with the Macmillan Caring Locally Unit.
Brand impact
Get your story heard and increase your sales by engaging a new audience through our creative campaigns.
Attract, retain and motivate your staff
Keep your staff happy, engaged and motivated by involving them in fundraising ideas, team events, volunteering and payroll giving.
Meet your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives and make a difference
By sponsoring or fundraising for a specific project, you can meet your goals and see exactly how your company is making a difference.

Ways to Get Involved

Corporate donation
Make a one-off donation or set up a regular gift in support of the new future proof building. Consider funding a piece of equipment or even a room in the new building that can be named as you wish.

Get your customers involved
Checkout donations are big in the US and becoming increasingly popular here too. Why not find ways to get your customers to donate by asking for a gift at the end of a website transaction or by putting one of our collection tins at your cash point. As a wholesale supplier, you may wish to engage your clients by asking them to support your chosen charity by making a donation or supplying items for raffles and auctions.

Charity of the year
Make the Macmillan Caring Locally new build appeal your company’s Charity of the Year and challenge your staff to put the fun into fundraising through baking competitions, fancy dress down days, and innovative challenges.

Take part in a challenge
There are lots of physical challenges that you and your colleagues can get involved with. From skydiving to climbing Kilimanjaro!

Payroll giving
Employees will appreciate the opportunity to give through a simple and tax-efficient process - especially if you are able to offer match funding! It entitles you to use the Payroll Giving Quality Mark, and enhances your organisation’s social responsibility profile. Visit or to find out more.
A £10 per month donation would cost the donor £8
A £20 per month donation would cost the donor £16
A £50 per month donation would cost the donor £40

Become a corporate partner
Donate royalties, a percentage of goods sold or give a yearly donation and be a proud supporter of a great cause. We will add your company to our website and promote our partnership to create a mutually beneficial relationship.

Gifts in kind
We are constantly looking for prizes for our event raffles and auctions. Whether you can donate your products, wine, experiences, artwork or holidays, support of this kind really makes a difference! Be innovative! A tour of the Aston Martin factory raised £5,000 for a charity and a pint with the Edge from U2 raised £40,000! Apparently the Edge said he’d throw in a packet of crisps for that!

Donating goods to charity can be more cost effective than writing it off. You could donate samples, end of season and terminal stock. This can prove more effective than storage or a write off on the balance sheet.

We will need to hold events to raise awareness and funds for our cause. Can your company sponsor the event, supply wine or food or even have access to a prestigious venue?

Could you supply furnishings and electrical goods for our new unit? We need everything from curtains to washing machines!

Can you help to secure the future of our services by donating to this much needed initiative?

Please contact or call Lin on 01202 477628, she would be thrilled to hear from you.